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Looking forward to being included in the 4th Annual presentation of this art fair in Barbados! Visit CaFA here CaFA Fair Barbados 2014 – PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Carl F. Anderson – Guyana Jason Auguste – Jamaica Aziza – Barbados Fielding Babb – Barbados Diogenes Ballester – Puerto Rico Nicolle Blackwood – Jamaica Rasheed Boodhoo – Barbados David Boothman – Trinidad & Tobago Patricia Brintle – Haiti Ziggy Bruney – Dominica Ras Ishi Butcher – […] Continue reading →

Anna Carries Water receives The Kirkus Star, awarded to books of exceptional merit. 🙂 Read here… […] Continue reading →

From THE SPIRIT THAT DREAMS: CONVERSATIONS WITH WOMEN ARTISTS OF COLOR EDITED BY JENÉ WATSON The following e-mail exchange began in summer of 2013 and concluded in winter 2013. Jené Watson: What were you like when you were younger? Did you dream of pursing art as a career? Laura James: I didn’t talk much. I read a lot, and the Brooklyn Public Library was one of the few places my parents would let my sister and me go alone. So we went there a lot! I love to read, I’ve learned so much […] Continue reading →

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